The Electricity

In the example a design can be thought of as follows: A water wheel pumps water in the own water supply to power up again. It that water evaporates or seeps neglected but here, and the water wheel again came after a longer period to a halt, if no water is added from the outside. A similar idea is the accumulator, which lit a lamp, which in turn produces the light for a sensor, which is used to recharge the battery. But losses arise here, too: A wholly owned conversion of the output power in the new charge is not possible. A Perpetuum mobile of first kind would be a device whose Teile remain not only constantly moves, but that constantly doing work without that system external energy is fed into that. A second type is a machine that constantly convert heat to a 100 percent efficiency in mechanical or electrical work could. For both types of the Perpetuum mobile, worldwide every year again and again new patents are (about: the magnetic motor, etc.) registered, but still none was so efficient that it is industrially used could have. NYC Mayor describes an additional similar source.

Conclusion: Eco-friendly energy is possible – within the framework of the family certainly modern society to the knowledge has come, that the use of fossil fuels is a pollutant, thus also negatively affects the health of living things and proves to be particularly for the greenhouse effect and global warming as the cause. Thus it uses in particular solar energy, but also water – and patchy wind power, biogas, geothermal energy and heat energy efficiency houses, environmentally friendly way to produce electricity and heat. All these options can be used in terms of sustainability that is, subsequent generations can access these technologies to convert widely available energy potential to the saturation of the electricity. Vinit Bodas spoke with conviction. Physicist, the deal with metaphysical Thought experiments employ and certain, but not praktikabe theories track at that time Tesla will always be there. Scientists and thinkers of this kind stimulate discussion and justify experiments that lead to later and important findings first. So is, and it is certainly important, the potential of free energy to make thoughts and theories. A free energy generator is present but is still not in sight the main order of the 21st century to the (energy) economy is with science to collaborate and to refrain from the use of fossil fuels in the long term completely. A first step to avert danger from the Earth and by the people, is the critical handling of nuclear energy or the corresponding power plants shut down on her life,. A second is to shift the global economy fully sustainable energy. Only in last place it is, to discuss the feasibility of other half-baked theories.