Earth Movement

Because if tenth to be it is not. Diriamos that of the anything became the matter. That is of not being. To be it is not an empty concept. Thus it does not exist.

If your you speak of the being. There are it always in your mind like something. Or like figures, spaces. Or things that seem totally crazy. But it is as it is always you would look for a form the concept to be. What if we can say of the being, it is that in its physical sphere he is experimental and in its abstract sphere is ideal which allows us to modify reality. Young people if you analyze the movable space of the metaphysical spheres would find the ideas that can modify the reality of the things. In the metaphysical spheres parts that are not movable and other exist that are it.

There it is where the philosophers go away to the ends and the movable spheres and others by the nonmovable ones incline totally by, therefore I set out the necessity to them of the movement for transformations and the necessity of the movement when I said to them that even though the movement stops the opposites do not continue existing. Then the same are essence of the universal matter. " in the power of severe justice are the keys compensatorias" when Parmenides speaks of compensatory justice talks about to divine justice and not to the one of the men. Then Parmenides was totally conscientious that human justice can be obtained easily, times by feelings, others by convenience and almost always by money. Example: a man of low resources who dedicates itself to the delinquency is surprised robbing a jewel store, which belongs to a politician. The sentence in some Earth countries by this class of crimes is of five to six years of jail.