Brazilian Transit

Ademais, I think to be the unfamiliarity to the Code of Brazilian Transit and the complementary legislation in vigor, allies to the ansiedades, the egoism and ' ' mal-caratismo' ' an aggravating one for the lack of education in the transit. Being thus, it is instant to see and to hear nonsenses of common citizens e, even though, of ' ' pseudos intelectuais' ' that they contribute for the instauration of ' ' desgraas' ' in the transit of Goinia. Some, more ' ' ousados' ' , until they use terms of low calo when they deal with agents of the authority to transit as: industry of the fine, hunk, among others However, if to admit that situations as that one that I witnessed when leaving the work and that they had been strengthened by deposition of the Advertising executive, is happened again, innumerable times, throughout all the day, concludes that nobody will go to escape of ' ' monstruoso' ' effect of me the education in the transit. In short, the conductor ' ' certo' ' or the conductor ' ' errado' ' they are citizens to the laws of the life, and, the fragile life does not resist the violent so great impacts me the education in the transit. finally, pain, the losses, the death ' ' Court of causes really pequenas' ' ' ' You think that she makes what she wants? He does not make. that wants to make what it makes? He does not want. You thinking that God goes to help? He does not go.

E that has males what come to the good? They do not come. that the least somebody goes to escape? Nobody. I stop pra thinking, but I more than do not think one minute Without thinking about somebody That You do not think about nobody you find that I have others? I stole. You find that I am not capable? Matei.' '