The Western

Social systems and universal scale macrostructures. It is only a question of “scaling” with the consciousness even considered. Connect with other leaders such as no-knead bread here. The next level of consideration must just loosely”enough compared to the including this be. I wrote this book, because there is a large potential for error in a time in which anything and everything on material, measurable functions is attributed,”, explains Rosegger. The Western rational view of the phenomena of the world takes always pipe forms on their border areas, based on a functional but secular limited logic.

Even if Professor Sauerbruch yet not a soul has found even after hundreds of sezierter body, so that is no reason to assume its non-existence. Much more likely a reason to recognize their own arrogance and try a different question. Because if I’m asking a fish if the water is wet, then I must not be surprised if I get no response. That is not the problem of fish but!” Often we provide just the wrong Questions, says Rosegger. Even if our worldly lives in a denatured world runs out, marked by a second cycle of civilization, by efficiency and routine, sits the soul, that we are also, on the Apple tree in the garden, and leaves the legs swing. She spits us at an Apple core from the feet and is waiting, we finally see them. We see flop but usually only the core before our feet and call him puzzled a coincidence or a Synchronicity. Our cognitive skills not being able to wrestle through seem to more and so our soul sit still smiling on the Apple tree and waits for that we discover.

If we want to take the next “State of consciousness”, then we may no longer see the old three-dimensional laws of the worldview as the sole basis. “Like body fluids with the mischief of the disease-causing Paracelsus” cleaned up and the idea of infection with pathogens “postulated and thus laid the foundation stone for today’s Pharmacology, we must today old spiritual tales say goodbye, which want to convince us, the creation work according to the basic thinking of the previous people. The laws of Newton’s Apple and the Euclidean geometry afford good services in dealing with the world, but they are not suitable to establish this world. A refined consciousness produces also finer structures and rules of the experienced reality, which resolve many of the older, cruder views. So, as the sunshine can dissolve clouds in a clear sky and we know exactly how the evaporation of water vapor before him, we need therefore to abandon not the magical aspects of personal experience of such a spectacle. Knowledge and perception are not experiences mutually.