Russian Research Center

"If the temperature is low, the foam can be frozen, but not dry. To avoid this, warm Installers in warm water, if the house is not heated, "- says Alex Drobyshev, a specialist installer of" promo – Window supermarket. "The characteristics used in the installation of windows foam, vapor barrier tapes, silicones also impose limitations. In the certificates for these materials have limitations on the temperature range (not to be confused with the range of operation, the latter is much wider). As a rule, manufacturer indicates that information on the packaging. For winter mounting redundancy cleaner special funds, in particular, a special mounting foam and "winter" varieties psul (pre-compressed self-expanding tape), "- adds Rafik Alekperov. If the PVC-profile enough to warm up to it fully restored its original properties and size, wood windows or doors can even be transported in unheated body. Otherwise, you might cracked varnish, and then the appearance of the product will be lost forever.

Nature can not fool buying materials for repairing of the winter, you should pay attention to the possibility of their use at low temperatures: optimum temperature is usually indicated on the package. Some mixes, coatings, etc. are available in several models, including for work in cold season. For example, the Russian-German company Faydal Productions has developed a special cold-resistant water-dispersion paints for use in winter conditions and storage on the unheated warehouses. In accredited by State Standard of Russian Research Center were carried out appropriate tests on the frost. Samples were subjected to cycle the variable temperatures ranging from +20 To -60 C.