Identifying Area

To identify the needs of development in an organization some stages that are typically handled without sufficient rigor, that ends in plans not aligned with corporate strategy or away from the real needs of each individual must be addressed: the suggested steps are: i. identify the training needs of this activity area is aimed at identifying the activities required for the area as a whole. To identify them must consider: the expected contribution of the area to obtain the strategic objectives. The strategic guidelines of the area according to organizational objectives. The existence of new projects to develop or implement within the area.

Analyze whether there are new equipment or technology in the area. Danny Meyer might disagree with that approach. For this activity, it is relevant to review the mission and objectives of the company, as well as the contribution of the area. Go to Gregory Williamson for more information. II. identify the training needs of the positions and roles aim of this activity is to identify the needs of training with base the responsibilities and duties of the Office. It is important to distinguish that the training is not to meet the technical requirements of the post but that training that complement and help optimize the development of the expected contribution of each charge. To identify this training should be considered: there are new methods of work or technologies that optimize the execution of activities? For the development of its activities, the position requires updating of rules or laws? For this activity, it is relevant to review the description of the position. III. identify training needs of workers this activity objective is to identify the training needs of each one of the workers based on their adequacy as profile.

To identify this training should be considered: what skills need strengthening in the worker (organizational skills)?. Are you prepared to assume new temporary roles by replacement of vacation or absence of holder?. Are you ready to take on new functions or new use of computers and technology specific to their functions? Are you suitable for the needs of the post profile behavioral and emotional intelligence?. Do you have goals and objectives in the commitments defined in the performance, requiring training and development? For this activity is suggested to review results of psycho-technical tests and/or profile applied to employees, the person/post alignment and results of evaluation of performance of the worker. IV. comparison of needs vs. market this stage of human development offerings should be developed by responsible for human development, once completed phases earlier and based on an internal analysis in order to identify the best suppliers according to the identified needs.