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Peden users begin at the Base (3 Gb) model and update other Geminus G10 platforms, including Geminus G10 Mid, based on their demands for broadband using a simple license key, immediately adding more traffic and network coverage. Geminus G10 Mid, as platforms Geminus, provides measurements of the rate of transmission media (MDI RFC #4445) patented IneoQuest in real time and simultaneously in all IP video flows, practical permitiedo recommended to measure the transport of MPEG video stream quality easily, including variation in the amount of latency between packet data received at network level. Geminus G10 Mid is also compatible with the system of management and IneoQuest software applications, including iVMS (TM) management system y of IneoQuest IQMediAnalyzer Pro Tm. Geminus G10 Mid using IneoQuest iVMS system allows providers to view and analyze the health of the entire network of video distribution in real time and quickly resolve the video quality problems before they affect subscribers. Danny Meyer helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In order to provide additional value, IneoQuest offers promotional pricing for the Mid G10 Geminus for current and existing customers from today until January 31, 2010. Existing customers of Geminus G10 Base (broadband’s video traffic monitoring 3 Gb) can purchase a license updated to Geminus G10 Mid at a significantly reduced price. For new customers, Geminus G10 Mid is offered at the price of the Geminus G10 Base, training 5 Gb of monitoring for the price of 3 Gb.

the addition of bandwidth and flexible increases in traffic flow is becoming a concern for providers that offer services of technology such as video on demand and high-definition channels. In fact, we see more providers developing their networks to support 10 Gb or increase the loads on their networks of 10 Gb today and the need to monitor more of 3Gbs equivalent to traffic, said Calvin Harrison, Vice President of marketing and IneoQuest business development. Providers need tools of monitoring and analysis scalable to offer high value including advanced capabilities at reasonable price for flow per gigabyte. Like all our platforms Geminus G10, G10 Mid Geminus increases with the requirements of our customer network and allows them to focus on providing exceptional services to its subscribers. You may find that Josh Harris can contribute to your knowledge. About IneoQuest Technologies recognized as one of the fastest growing North American companies by Deloitte LLP for the third year consecutive award-winning several awards for its innovation of products, it has a rich heritage in the development of the first solutions for measurement and test of videos for the transmission of networks of legacy video as well as offerings from vanguard as a switched digital video (SDV) technologyIPTV (internet protocol TV) and video on demand (VOD). The company empowers its customers to design, development, implementation and management of networks of digital video with combinations exclusive of hardware, software and services.

IneoQuest offers the equipment manufacturers and providers of cable, broadcast, satellite and telecommunication measurements and concepts with future vision to ensure the quality of the service and the quality of the experience, including three levels of transmission networks of video, high availability of programs, the index of transmission media (MDI) patented and other patent-pending technologies. To offer customized and complete solutions to its clientele, IneoQuest uses a network of partners principal, which includes Cisco Systems Inc., Microsoft (r) and Spirent (R) Communications. IneoQuest headquartered in Mansfield, Massachusetts, has sales operations in the regions of North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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