Canary Islands

In Spain we are deficient in energy and we are paying for other neighbouring countries by the energy that we are discussing here, so we have to clarify is if we want to be producers or not, responsible for the employer’s Cantabrian reiterated. The President of the CEOE-Cepyme in Cantabria also defended the confidentiality about their industrial projects of some companies that have been submitted to the wind contest, which said, is a business strategy as legitimate as those companies that have spread their projects in the media. Mirones disagreed with the Secretary general of UGT on employment which may involve wind in Cantabria development because the direct employment will be scarce but the indirect will be very important in industrial projects and research. Excessive power round table was closed with the papers of Bernardo Garcia, spokesman for ecologists in action, and the Professor and members of the CES in Cantabria, Andres Prieto. Garcia acknowledged that his opinion did not represent all groups ecologists and conservationists in the region because a great internal debate with the wind development has occurred up in mine.

The Rapporteur considered excessive the estimated power of more than 1,300 megawatt in wind power development with the needs of the region, with 500 it would be enough. Wind energy has an environmental and social impact but have to ponder it with conventional energies, explained. Finally, Andres Prieto opted to study each autonomous community’s own natural resources before considering the development of renewable energy sources because, as stressed no sense that all prefer by wind when others can better leverage the solar for example. Absence de Candido Mendez In the course of the day, Maria Jesus Cedrun announced that the Secretary general of UGT, Candido Mendez, will not attend the closing ceremony, scheduled on Thursday, at 2 p.m., by having to participate in a Joint Assembly with CCOO convened at the Canary Islands within the information campaign of the general strike on September 29. The regional manager of the syndicate will replace Candido Mendez in the closure of the course, in which intervene the Vice-President and Minister of employment and Social Welfare of the Government of Cantabria, Lola Gorostiaga. Source: Original author and source of the article