Women Of The World

ALL the women of hte world (Toutes les Femmes Du Monde) (Marcelo Rissato) In entardecer of autumn in the city of Paris, beginning of century XXI, Carolina Hernandez Boulanger Nietzsche, a beautiful woman of black and long hair, walking slow and using a high jump, walked for the avenue Champs Elises, observed some show windows and to far it sighted the Arc of the Triumph, place where Napoleo sang its victories to the French people after its battles. In its mind they emanated some images of a catastrophe, a volcano that untangled two cities, a Spaniard and a Frenchman. Images of the river of fire draining for the hillsides of the mount and much death and of its eyes some tears drained. After these souvenirs and all this commotion, more walked a little for that avenue that is illuminated of the world, caught its car in a parking, followed for the center of Paris the edges of the river Sena and entered in a small apartment, was come close to the window, opened it and of far observed the Eiffel Tower. Later if it directed for its bed, it was lain down and it finished. When adored, its conscientious mind if disconnect and its ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ true it had the possibility to arise and to travel freely for another dimension.

Many msticos and espiritualistas believe that common sleep is a small death, that is, a species of trainings for the final trip of the human being. Carolina started to have nightmares with witchcrafts and black magic. In the nightmare, images of the freis of the Inquisition appeared commanding that all the witches were eliminated of the face of the land, appeared much fire and much death, seemed a paranoia pursuing. The excess of violent images arrived to cause a poisoning in its brain, until with an enormous shout it finished waking up and perceiving that everything had not passed of a nightmare.