Statements Duff Johnson

Supports Adobe Systems for several years the nonprofit organization and is also an advisory capacity working for them. As a member of the Association of the PDF is Adobe system, that the additional support by NV access, through the initiative of the Association of the PDF will accelerate the implementation of full support of PDF/UA and will result in a wider interest in and commitment to PDF/UA. The Swiss charitable access for all previously launched a similar donation project to develop of a PDF/UA-compliant version of the PDF accessibility checker (PAC) to finance. All donations for the NVDA goes PDF/UA “project collects access for all and also makes the project coordination. Statements Duff Johnson, Executive Vice President who says PDF Association and head of the PDF/UA Committee in the United States since 2005,: As PDF Association we look forward greatly, helping NV access, to the issue of the accessibility of PDF on the head.

PDF documents for user of Assistant technology have been historically that in the least accessible documents. The criteria for a barrier-free PDF were so confusing that prevents the development good and numerous solutions really was. PDF/UA facilitates the task, that accessibility for the consumer to make sure manufacturers and decision makers now.” Markus Riesch, Managing Director of the Foundation of access for all, says, access has detected already for all PDF/UA as a new paradigm for barrier-free access to electronic content some time ago. We are looking forward to the Cooperation with the Association of PDF, which we hope to advance NVDA so that it will be the first assistive technology that supports the new standard. It is important to understand that, as soon as PDF/UA compliant files, programs, and assistive technologies engage, as a result many and different types of Assistant technology are possible.