Garbage Bag

The garbage bag, emptiness and packed, next to the cleanness session of the place they had displayed where it. When to arrive its new dwelling, probably will be also confined in another section of cleanness, before device industrialized, now domesticated. Many times, nor in we give account to them of that object and its purpose while product. We follow our lives, we acquire things, later comes to the mind the inquietante thought of what making with it, at the moment to discard them or to get rid themselves of the use direction, it is, the garbage bag, who appears clearly. Soon, the direction comes to tona of evident form, that long ago inexpressiva form, becomes useful our necessity to give end ' ' desnecessrio' '.

The garbage bag gains differentiated form, volume, filled, leaves of being empty, becomes full, gains weight, becomes mysterious for occulting the content, that conserves absorbed in its interior. How many times we would not desire, that the garbage bag absorbed a little of what we conceive as unnecessary in our proper essence, but remembers it not to seem so deep. The garbage bag adds it others, spread throughout the places that we costumamos or not to pass through, an army of glutos of the desnecessidade human being. They, the garbage bags, place submissos our will of if undoing and occult what we do not desire not even to look at of soslaio, are the purificao of our ptrida essence, almost priests, with its batinas that go of tonalities, since blue the celestial one until the negrume shadiest, purificando all the metropolis, hiding what we consider ' ' sujo' ' or dismissable, even so she conserves the ftido aroma. But a moment arrives where the garbage bag does not obtain to give account of the volume, in view of our desnecessidades to be bigger of what its capacity to take care of them. It is arrived the point to become a contradiction in itself, therefore the garbage bag also finishes being unnecessary, being able until being absorbed by one of its, as antropogia – the certainty would be ' ' sacodelixofagia' ' -, between equal, or being desmembrado for other ends. But, until where we will desire what the depth of the garbage bag in the reach? The unnecessary one does not possess limits in the society-desnecesria. Perhaps the day arrives where the proper society, the existence human being, either engolida, who knows for a great black hole that can digest this putrefao human being, who already becomes nauseante in certain galaxies, making paper of universalizante garbage bag. we will desire that the black hole is really infinite in its depth, so that if it loses the existence of this absorbed garbage, that now consumed, loses the corruption that possua in its functionality daily pay-absorption, leaving of being what long ago they had called ' ' homem' '.