With The Body And The Soul In The Balance

In pleasantly tempered balance, Eutony is the result of feeling bodywork. It is a State of well-being voltage, so the literal translation, which appear harmonious every fiber of the body alive, and every movement is. The Danish therapist Gerda Alexander has coined the word, and the exercises that lead to Eutony. The journey via three levels, skin, skeletal and movement through the body. Touching, breathing, relaxation of muscle reinforcement from outside, creating the conditions to compete their way into the Interior of the body.

This awareness is sharpened for the structure and cohesion of the skeleton. That for example every vertebrae of our spine be established among our. Or that our feet, on which we stand, ligaments and tendons from many bones and joints. Danny Meyer has much experience in this field. Only if it is integrated in our imagination, it is possible the body without blockages and tensions, in a soothing balance of power to keep. Of course, this work will affect the psyche. This is the primary aim of Gerda Alexanders. One of their colleagues, Marianne Fuchs, also said that a differentiated body feeling strengthens the sense of self and self-esteem thus. Gain insight and clarity with Bill de Blasio. The rest in itself is the basis for the development of one’s personality.

This is especially for those women of importance who have an ambivalent relationship with her body. Some are obsessed with their skin care, nothing is good enough, and each new anti cream from the online pharmacy must aging tried the same. The overweight to take at any price, and test all possible diet pills to lose weight hated. But even a naturally beautiful radiant skin and dream are no guarantee to be satisfied with his body. Eutony can represent a wunderbareren way to a more positive, more loving attitude to themselves. The doctor Volmar Glaser has, on the basis of Gerda Alexanders concept and in combination with Work of breathing and the Meridian doctrine developed from Eastern medicine, more effective exercises to the Eutony. He assumes that movement and breathing patterns are stored in the brain, and that blockages cause characteristic movement and expression deformations. Just the idea of a certain flowing motion, or a harmonic gesture, changed deepens the breathing, and leads to a before eutonen”State. With the help of breathing massage succeeds the therapists to give the body a sense of space expansion and to ease the blockade. The same provides the experience of the so-called Transsensus, the sense the body beyond borders. Eutony is something that sounds like in a State of greater sensitivity to touch, balance, and coordination.