Unusual Appearance Before Children

Life fellow of Sabrina’s mother admonished Sabrina to true freedom of expression with MegFon in Barneberg, district Borde district, Saxony-Anhalt called truth (Ted) on Thursday was not only for the inhabitants of the life works e.V. youth house project in the Rudolf-Breitscheid.-Barneberg str. 19 held an unusual action of the life companion of mother, the Sabrina S., Holger M., admonished there in front of the House at 19:30 the Sabrina to honesty and the truth. At the same time apellierte it to the home line of factory life e.V., that it would be better to accept a phone call as easy to put on. Also home managers and employees have a duty to show the children a reasonable way out of their problems out not first and foremost to support the opinion of children, to take apart through untruths families and partnerships and to press a telephone in the hands the children specially to put her mother under pressure and blackmail. In if the present action solely on the fact whether as a result been that so far has no reasonable conversation between mother, home management and partner.

With his action tried Holger M. as a partner of the mother of Sabrina public attention to make that “Lie… short legs” and it was not by Sabrina in order, that she tricked the authorities for 5 weeks and goes behind and now, since she is in Barneberg with the support of the child’s home by the local Festnetzt from the mother telling you, how she live in future with the daughter. It was not right, so Holger M., to blackmail the mother, in which she says to her mother on the phone: “you throw out the Holger, and I get back home and then we both live only for ourselves and I promise you, everything will be fine.” Lifetime achievement dodged e.V. Jugendprojet so far, a corresponding request. She want to have nothing supposedly this phone call from the Sabrina and best riders also, the Sabrina uerhaupt a phone to have. Prior to this Background stay to answer the question: what is the role that youth movement e.V. youth project in the meantime as an extended arm of the Youth Welfare Office to the Sabrina took over? Why will she have nothing of the phone? Why she denies to this day to have a phone made of Sabrina? Why wraps up life factory e.V.

in silence is to this question that? Why can a 12 year old girl by the fixed line of the children’s home in Barneberg outgoing conversations with the mother and blackmail the mother without having knowledge of the children’s home. H. Muller c/o Triftsr. 1 39393 life Tel: 0176-51501143 E-Mail: further found at: frontal4you.de/news/berichte/