The Arm

The narrow cut headlights tightly to flanking a wide cracked radiator mouth. The fine has a special charm Interplay between sharp edges and flowing lines of aluminium car body. The strikingly sculpted, proverbial hood, enters an extensive flat asked windshield, which finds its counterpart in the rear window. In between can be found, based on the length of the vehicle by 5.3 meters, a record short, due to straight full glazing, ethereal-looking roof. Highend-nobility the views some circumstances by the well-known interior of common luxury cars, is given the interior architecture of the XJ lightens. Since the entire force on the tip-driven exclusivity envelops you. You are looking for plastic almost in vain. What looks like aluminium is also the piano lacquer surfaces is the surface of a Bosendorferflugels-worthy, thick leather stretches over seats, dashboard and interior door panels, a wooden arch (Riva “bar) makes the horizon directly beneath the windshield and enters the wood shadings of the doors.

What we liked in the XF, reflected in the XJ: after you have pressed the Start button, the automatic selector milled out of a piece of aluminium from the center tunnel goes up. Improvement board electronics in this taste-safe environment, acts, it must be said unfortunately, the graphics of the touchscreen in the center console somewhat misplaced. The representations for functions such as navigation, radio/CD, vehicle settings seem painted as with the pen. In addition, that the system is not completely error-free works. About the massage function for driver and passenger seat: who can indeed enable, but won’t turn off.

There were problems in the test well for a car of this length almost indispensable rear view camera, which does not always start when the reverse gear is inserted. And if we ever at the Herum granteln are: the padding for the arm rest in the center tunnel is exactly where the driver’s elbow is not. For this there is the button for the storage compartment and the ashtray, which alternately accidentally pulled be.