Village Cruise State

' ' The Squid did not decide this problem? ' '. For them the laboring president would have given a yaw of 180 degrees in the country, finishing with the poverty for decree. One to look at distant seems to be easy, but the problem is much more complex. Of any form the English, had taken a reality shock when they had known some slum quarters and they had left daqui with a well different image of that they had constructed in the comfort of London. In the same way the iraqis or the Israelis must touch its lives normally and the suicidal attacks, are episdicos events that do not modify the daily one of the people. Evidently it has a constant tension with the children, wife or husbands who are in the streets, but is necessary to live. Coming back to problem of action military in Village Cruise and later in Complex of German, that much people arrived to think that Freud already would have deciphered, are the impression, for less the most informed that the traffic goes to surrender a government capable to place the army in the streets.

Perhaps the intestinas fights between the groups yes, but the traffic, as business that puts into motion hundreds of millions does not go to stop. First, because the consumers of the supplied classrooms more will continue consuming the white dust and its variants and for this are necessary to the mobilization of an army of ' ' funcionrios' ' to take care of them in the retail or domicile. Much people live of this and we cannot cover the sun with the bolter. In the great capitals of the world the traffic functions as a business delinquent, but tolerated for the state and the policy. Who saw the film ' ' The invasions brbaras' ' it has idea of what it is this. Friends who live in Sweden, Denmark, Paris and London prove that the film is until less real of what the reality.

Perhaps after this confrontation weighed with the State, the Carioca groups will give account of that to face the State is not a good strategy. German sociologist Max Weber remembers that the state is a structure that it demands with success, in one determined territory, the legitimate monopoly of the violence. Thus, the State that to abdicate of this condition will be able to leave of being it. When perceiving that it was losing land or territory, our authorities had arrived at the conclusion that they needed to act. The hasteamento of the national flag in the way of the slum quarter is also emblematic. The first sight has a symbolic direction of reconquers of the territory lost, strengthening the nationalistic feeling. In one another perspective can mean that the Brazilian State lost the control of the situation in its proper yard. When displaying the national pavilion as symbol of reconquers in a quarter of a great capital, it was the impression of if it woke up now or that the organized crime is capable to defy the State. Considering that in Rio De Janeiro a thousand slum quarters exist more than, the situation is really preoccupying.