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Coffee machines have become little more than one year in the items most sought after in the shops of home appliances. The new generation of coffee machines domestic has based its success on two points: convince ease buyer get a quality coffee, cafe, in our home or Office, with minimal effort and few maintenance and cleaning costs. Convert the coffeemaker into an object of design and decoration, as well as add glamour to the already by itself made from a coffee in the desktop social. The appearance of the host with the tray where you choose the coffee capsule that you want to become touch distinction similar to the offer a few delicate chocolates. The model of business followed by brands manufacturers of coffee cool is the same that has spent years following the sale of printers, for example. A team, the coffee maker, affordable price and a few spare parts, coffee capsules, at a price somewhat more demanding than usual for a replacement of any consumable. However, there are to say that an important niche market for this product has been found in our country, where electrical appliances shops have sold dozens of them both for household use, as the center of the resting place in offices or to be used as a quality gift.

The initial a couple of trademark monopoly was soon assaulted by other many technology manufacturers designing their own models. Among the brands that sell coffee inevitably arising also some coffee in this category, given the excellent positioning of brand with respect to coffee consumption. It is the case of Nescafe. The NESCAFe Dolce Gosto Ricolo is a coffee with a compact design and circular, very striking, without losing their capacity to prepare from an espresso, a cappuccino, latte mashiato, chocolate as all the of his range, works with a system of pods, which allows you to create different drinks mixing capsules of coffee, chocolate and milk, cold or hot, with great comfort. This model is available in colors of red and silver, it has a system of energy saving that switches off the appliance after 20 minutes of non-use and has a 1.3 litre tank, which ensures a long cycle of use prior to replenish water. It must be recognized that you it’s a coffee maker with a special performance, since NESCAFe has opted for the design, glamour and quality to differentiate themselves from other competitors in this sector. And it will undoubtedly be one of the protagonists in the next purchases in shops of home appliances.