Vasya Pupkin

All articles on the Internet about industrial mountaineering, usually begin with praise correlations, they say here they are – 'brave fellows with stern faces' spitting down on fear of heights, and boldly, without hesitation, stepping into the abyss Next, you read boring monologue about promalpa advantage over other building trades, such as steeplejack, and finish our authors love 'descent' of other methods of work at height, such as cradles, scaffolding and bridges, and of course – lifts Industrial mountaineering, as a segment of the market, a phenomenon for our country rather young, 'emerging' – from an economic point of view, experiencing its 'krivobokovo' formation. Itself the concept of 'promalp' emerged at the turn of 80-90-ies, before there were only just athletes climbers, moonlighting in the construction industry and separately – a profession 'spiderman high altitude. " At the moment the industry is largely 'Black' and 'gray', virtually no controlled, including those due to poor legal regulation and the inability to properly track the flow of high-rise business processes. Hence – a lot of problems that inhibit its development: a huge influx of unskilled labor, lack of regulations and legal framework, terrible gaps in the health and safety of industrial mountaineers. Approximately 80% of workers do not have promalpinistov legitimate documents confirming that training in their specialty. In the best case, you will be sporting bit laptop, at worst – cover from the office 'Barnyard' drawn Vasya Pupkin, no date of issue and no date the next recertification.