Dolce Gabbana Not Be Left After In Technology New Mobile

Today, it is to all fashion famous designer brands to join the technological devices. A very good example of the above was made known after the release of Sonny Ericsson Jalou cell phone, because Dolce & Gabbana released their own version of this phone in a limited edition only for women. The Jalou Dolce & Gabbana Edition is a compact design with cover phone, its angled forms immediately associate the idea of a precious stone cutting, so it seems to be more an accessory of beauty in a woman than a cell phone bag, and is imaged that this mobile, it manages to convey much style. What makes special to this phone, and so unique, is that beyond carry name brand clothing and luxury engraved on the CAP and headphones accessories, carries details 25 carat gold on its casing of pink color, unlike the other colors of the gamJalou, such as Amethyst, blue and black.

Depending on how the same Sony Ericsson defines it: the Jalou D & G Editon It is only 73 mm in length weighs 84 grams, it is smaller than your favourite lipstick, so it is easy to carry even in the smallest space. With this new model, Sony Ericsson explores in the fields of art, architecture and trends in furniture to achieve a finished as achieved. It has a 2-inch screen, a digital camera 3.2 MP, FM radio, Media Player, Bluetooth 2.0, counter steps, and web browser. But what makes it more attractive to this phone is an integrated mirror that carries on its screen, perfect to retouch make-up at any time. In addition, the Jalou D & G Edition, Sony Ericsson has access to major social networks to upload your photos taken, as well as the ability to geotag them. It also brings exclusive content of parades of Dolce & Gabbana, such as photos and videos of the parade and the backstage, with which you can learn more about to this multi-million dollar fashion industry.