UNESCO World Heritage

The flight to Istanbul – where do you come? The famous metropolis on the Bosporus, Istanbul has two airports, the “Ataturk International Airport” and the airport “Sahiba Gokcen Istanbul”. The latter is located about 40 km east of the city centre, is smaller than the main airport, but much modern equipped for it. He is recommended by German airlines as travel airport. A flight to Istanbul via low-cost flights is always via the “Ataturk International Airport”. What’s so interesting Istanbul? Certainly the one the fact that at the same time and unique lands you with the flight in this city in two continents, in Europe and in Asia. The Turkish metropolis for Commerce, finance, goods and culture is located on both sides of the Bosphorus Strait, so that it equally covers the European Thrace and the Asian Anatolia. Istanbul has the second highest in the world with 12.8 million city dwellers. Due to its geographical location, Istanbul plays an important role as a goods transshipment.

So has also the road network according to unfolds. Two terminal stations, two airports, numerous remote bus station and the harbour are eloquent testimony to this fact. Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul is a city with many names the town’s history soon 3000 years old (660 founded BC), in which Istanbul was the capital of three great empires. The city owes this fact also its common name. The rise of the city begins as Byzantium, Constantinople (from 330 A.d.) it is for the early Greek democracy.

Ultimately, it is known as the Istanbul of the Ottoman Empire. Until 1930, there is no single form of the name, the names in the various languages between Europe and Arabia are too different. Frequent change reflected among other things in architectural styles, moving from ancient times through the Middle Ages into the modern era and most recently modern. UNESCO World Heritage the Istanbul old city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Orthodox Christianity and Sunni Islam exist side by side, dominates the town’s skyline is however of Mosques, of which the Hagia Sofia is the best known.