Childcare for a childminder the ambitious goal of the German Federal Government is the better reconciliation of family and working life. In everyday life, this can be adjusted but not always as accurate, because day-care centres are not sufficiently flexible mostly during their care. Just for the persons with shift work, such as nurses, doctors or restaurant professionals, a normal care in kindergarten is not sufficient, because often the working hours beyond the normal support hours. But not every child can rely on the help of grandparents. Sometimes want to or can the grandmas and grandpas don’t help, because they are still working or physically for a support of young family not able. It also happens that parents don’t is desired, to educate the children of the grandparents. Sometimes also the job of parents is to blame a spatial separation between Grandma, Grandpa and the grandchildren, maybe even like the supervisory taken would have.

In each case should be decided according to the best interests of the child, whether child care needed is how these child care and who’s coming as a contact person for the job in question. However, the grandparents should also have the right to live as grandparents and not be the duty to educate its own grandchildren. That’s why thinking in most families about a professional child care. Childcare for a childminder the supportive assistance of the grandparents in the education and responsibility for their children is a very special privilege. This be the parties in mutual agreement. There is a relationship of trust between parents and grandparents, what needs to be built not only lengthy, which is a clear advantage for this type of childcare. Help needed is sometimes really, for example, when back to work as a mother after a year of education in their profession, but a kindergarten place for their one-year child found have. Usually the father at this time also works, resulting in a supply gap for the child.

Your help as a professional childminder is now used. You take the child in their own home and integrate it into your special day. A plan set with the parents, the child may come to you for how many hours. As a childminder, you are specially trained for this work and are controlled by the Youth Welfare Office on your qualities and. Take care not only of foreign children, they are also mandated to ensure the early childhood education and upbringing of the foster children.