These States

The way as solid modernity managed the fear tended to substitute the bows? natural? irreparably damaged? for others, artificial, that they assumed the form of associations, collective unions and part-teams (almost permanent, however, therefore consolidated for the routine daily partilhada). Solidarity more succeeded the better prohibited brotherhood as for a destination each time incerto' '. But, however, ' ' the dissolution of solidarity represents the end of the universe in which solid modernity managed medo' '. concludes saying that ' ' when solidarity is substituted by the competition, the same individuals if they feel abandoned itself, you deliver its proper resources? scarce and clearly inadequados' '. 3.

XENOPHOBIA, EXILE, IDEOLOGY Have an interesting moment of the book, when Bauman discourses concerning ' ' escape valves xenfobas' ' of the developed States of the Europe (over all Scandinavian), ' ' that they relutam in abandoning the institucional protections transmitted by modernity slida' '. These States ' ' they consider the resqucios of the social State a privilege that is necessary to defend with nails and teeth of invaders that intend saque-los' '. From there the ressurgimento of the xenophobia and ' ' increasing suspicion of a foreign plot and the feeling of ranos for? strangers? in special the cancelled immigrants, whom, in vivid way and clearly, they remember that the walls can be knocked down, and borders; the immigrants by means of which if they burn in efgie the mysterious and uncontrollable forces globalizantes' '. that this ' ' it can be understood as a perverse consequence of the desperate attempt to save what it remains of solidarity local' '. On behalf of the maintenance of our conservative social stability, the alive collective of individuals massificada under the imperative of the anonymity is more pertinent than all, despite this results in damage for the innovation of the culture. According to proper Bauman, in liquid Fear, P.