Central Germany

The own impression is quite positive to less than 1,800 miles and possession of 3 weeks. A detailed overview about the consumption of 110 PS strong and already at 1,750 of RPM reach its maximum torque engine with about 1.5 liters displacement are used. Advance but some impressions to the last kilometers: Inside past or even icy slices, fat packed riders who can barely move or windshield wipers frozen to are now Duster prestige 4 x 4 of the past at the Dacia. Of course the morning are the best eyes of neighbors, hat and glove with scarf, fitted, painstakingly their car windows open spaces and scrape off while they sent the ice scraper long into retirement. Even a dog that is used to waiting in the car to leave time in the winter once, while master or mistress to the shopping are is more no problem. The animal will be delighted if they can recognize a located in plump warmth in the vehicle probably sentient dog at-20 C ambient temperature. A parking heater from one of the major German providers, whether by WEBASTO or EBERSPCHER, is an investment that is really worth. The cold start charged the engine roughly as much as 80 km drive on the motorway.

This is prevented by a modern heating because it is not only the Interior heated up but also the cooling circuit of the engine warmed. The extremely-wear promoting cold start phase is thus bypassed what will benefit from maintaining the value of the vehicle. Ofcourse most Lantern garage-owners”to the aspect, go into the foreground in a warm car and save yourself the laborious defrosting of vehicle Windows. Overall a heater before mounting a car hi-fi system should be considered. the final price at a good Helix system, as is the Helix SPXL12 bass reflex with 3000 Watts and a gigantic bass delight, which is technically perfect and visually represents an eye-catcher, roughly equal now is however currently winter in Central Germany difficulty, with severe cold and plenty to convince snowfall, but It is not every day evening.