I recently read a book on sales. And it said that the profession of sales agent 10% of positive response to the offer to purchase products digging – it's a very good indicator. In fact, trade agents say 90 times "no." And like 90 times a person experiences is not the best feeling. And then it says in the book of the same company which employed the best salesperson. Another salesperson could not believe that it was the best salesman in the company, because he did not have any skills at all sales agent. But this guy took the phone book and called the order of all the people and said the same thing.

The day he made 3000 phone calls! AND respectively received a huge number of failures. But at the same time he got the magic, "Yes!" Take another example. Take the average young man who has no second half. He walks in the park and past it are a lot of cute girls, most of which he likes. He wants to go to any of them, but something holds him. He himself says that it is friends, but there are very slow, with that I generally no chance.

In the end, he decided to approach one of them, he is refused. With bowed head he does not fit the other day. Maybe tomorrow will turn out. Fear of a 'No' stop. Perhaps nine favorite girls denied, but that will be the tenth, which he will like it. Only now it is better that this tenth girl met quickly. Is not it? And here you just come and learn, as often as possible. That practice and a different attitude to failure helps to cope with the fear of "no." I play the numbers, if I get a lot of "no," I say to myself that I was in shock today. Who's next? Numbers game. Each has its own statistics. You just need to know what "No" hiding, "Yes." And the faster you get through the routine, "No", the faster you'll get "Yes." Especially the more you practice, the higher your efficiency, there is a certainty. And the more people feel your new strengths, and more people will listen to you. In network marketing, one of the methods used to get rid of the fear of rejection. Take a blank sheet of paper and make a table of 1000 cells. Above the table, write "I" and at the bottom of the "Millionaire" or something else depending on where you need to get the "no". The fact that a 1000 "No" is not so easy if you'll get it though … best to try and see what happens. Istosnik