Surface Pumps

The use of such pumps is particularly necessary in a well or borehole water are small debit. To control the water level decrease in use of the float system, based on breaking the food chain in the event of a significant reduction in water levels. Also available are other options control the departure of water in the well or wells: the sensor minimum water level sensor or the presence of water in the cavity pump. We now turn to a surface pump. Typically, the most widely used they have automatic watering systems – to fill the storage tanks and reservoirs, as well as to improve and maintain the pressure in water system in a country house or automatic watering system. Due to its weight and small size, surface pumps can be quite easy to move and dismantle the winter.

Surface pumps are used for water intake in the sources, the depth of the suction is not greater than eight feet – for example, shallow wells or in open water. When choosing a pump for a suburban area, and in particular to water needs of homes and automatic watering systems to ensure that all points of the consumer the right amount of water and the optimum pressure. Otherwise, while the opening of valves and the system is turned avtopoliva, the pressure in the overall water system is simply not enough and, consequently, from the taps and irrigation canals, water will trickle out a thin stream. To eliminate the problems associated with lack of pressure specifically to enable and disable the pump in accordance with the required water demand. That is, if the system includes automatic watering at certain times, the pump starts to work after watering – Pump terminates. This prevents the pump from the extra wear and significantly reduces power consumption. The main task of the membrane pressure tank is to minimize the number of frequent on-off switch, for example, typing in a glass of water. What else can I add – almost all well-known brands of pumps without problems tolerate voltage surges on the network, so typical of the roughly built cottage settlements.