Web Hosting

Where to start? I hope you choose subjects of your site. If difficulties arise, I suggest you reread "How to start building your site?". Since then, becomes more interesting and fun to be constant. You will learn many new words for themselves and get acquainted with the short course, which I would call "How does the interenet?". Suppose the subject you have chosen. And they raised a couple of articles on the topic in a notepad or Word.

Or it may not have outlined, and get to work like, in this case, you will act on the move learning new information. In my opinion, this is the most efficient way. Do you know where to place your site? Notes are unlikely to be read from your local computer, a note should be a global network to be noticed. And then in your life comes word hosting. Hosting – a special service that allows you to post your articles on your computer, which reside on the Internet.

A This means that your written thoughts have access around the clock, as you can around the clock to download and listen to music on the golden glow of electricity. There are different types of hosting. We focus on paid and free. For fee you pay denyuzhku. Yes, it's faster (pages load quickly, the files are thrown from your computer clock to very fast), and additional services, but for all that you pay for. On a paid hosting, we be discussed in a separate article devoted to him. Free web hosting. Everything is slower, sometimes fail, but you see, my site is fast and made it to free hosting. A significant drawback of free hosting is Many companies offer space on their computers, provided that your site will be posted banners (it's windows with a blinking ad.) Hosting, which I use, does not require posting of banners, but one I'm still hung ( You can see it on the left), because this company a pleasure to work. To learn how to properly register for the free hosting service, you will learn in the next article.