Study Outside

Already it thought about studying outside of the Country? To learn another language, to know another culture and to coexist another family? Therefore it is, to study can become a inesquecvel adventure that you will go to load for all its life. Brazil is a Country formed for some etnias, but although the bows that we keep with our ancestor, we live a new and different culture, one ' ' skill brasileiro' ' of being and living, an only characteristic that can here only be found. Then we ask in them: because to study in another country? To make an interchange is an experience that all would have to try, it in provides an inestimable learning to them; beyond the chance to learn another language, we can live deeply a new culture, tan new ' ' famlia' ' , to make new friends and optimum of everything, to make possible that the world knows and if enchant with the skill ' ' brasileiro' ' of being. During much time, Brazil was a culture almost that unknown in the international scene, we were recognized mainly for the talent of ours football players and natural wealth of our forests and its aboriginal populations. However our reality is much more that fauna, flora, natives and ball of soccer, us we have much to share with the world. All this concept comes in recent years being broken, Brazil if has blunted very world-wide, not only for our economy or the great events that will happen here in the next years, but yes for its people, for so famous ' ' skill brasileiro' ' of being; fighting, warlike, friend, spontaneous and happy. I interchange thanks to it of students, many families who live to the north of the planet, not only possess the chance of in teaching something to them, but being able to more know a little on our habits, language, culture and our traditions, breaking the barrier that exists between the hemispheres north and south in making to become global human beings, brothers and friends. The option for who also exists wants a European diploma but it cannot live. The courses of mestrado in Portugal are an excellent one choice for who does not want much change.