North Carolinas

Until 2010 will be North Carolina ‘ Queen City’ North Carolinas largest metropolis turn into a varied entertainment metropolis in transition: the existing number of venues even more accommodation and amusement opportunities happen in Charlotte. 2010 three hotels, several restaurant complexes, a New Yorker will be imitation of the BlackFinn restaurants, a bowling alley, as well as some nightspots. Thanks to the very well developed tram network, Charlotte already is a popular entertainment and nightlife city. People such as NYC Marathon would likely agree. But now the selection is growing through the expansion of the city centre. In addition to a Ritz-Carlton Hotel and the Hotel Sierra so-called EpiCentres, steak houses, Irish pubs, Italian bistros, cinemas and much more include, are built. Another highlight will be the BlackFinn restaurant where sports programmes on 32 large screens. For music lovers, the howl at the Moon is just right: meet the musicians, whether on a baby grand piano, a saxophone, a guitar or a drum playing, every audience wish. Joyful night out are good hands Jr.’s whisky River, however, Dale Earnhardts.

Due to the expansion of the city centre, Charlotte will be not only attraction for young and old alike, but also for families and international visitors. For more information about the expansion of the city at or. General information to the United States under. Images and further press information about North Carolina under.