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Although it found some correlation between the volume of the hemispheres and the obtained score, the relations varied following sex, the laterality and the type of test. For example, verbal intelligence had a positive correlation with the volume of the brain in the women and the skilful men. But the size is not a determining factor. The brain of the women is smaller than the one of the men and, nevertheless, this does not mean that there is some consistent difference between the intellectual coefficient of and of others. Still more, in Libro Guinness de World-wide Rcords it appears a woman, Marilyn you Savant, like the person who had mental coefficient more high one between 1986 and 1989.

The scientist Philip Shaw, of the National Institute of Mental Health of Baltimore, the United States, discovered recently that the development of the brain is related to the coefficient. Its equipment studied to more than 300 children, among 7 and 18 years, it divided and them in three groups according to the coefficient: average (up to 108 points), stop (up to 120) and superior (more than 120). It observed that those of the group average reached the greater thickness to the 8, and had a thinning of the crust during the adolescence. Whereas in superior he was thinner to the 7, thickened until 11 or 12 and, then, it returned to sharpen itself. The high group was in means. The specialist concluded that intelligence is a dynamic process, related with a plasticity level that varies during these years. Phillips in its writing adds to us, that one of the scientific brains more brilliants for all time finished divided in 240 pieces that the pathologist of the University of Princeton, Harvey Thomas, took a walk in the trunk of his car during years. When they did the autopsy to him, in 1955, the brain of Einstein did not have anything special.