Socio Director General

Madrid 09/28/09. The Achilles heel of many franchises is not carrying a proper control of their economic resources. A problem that just you put mundoFranquicia consulting solution, the leading consultancy in franchising of our country, by relying on DATISA, the company par excellence in the manufacturing and commercialization of ERP software, so that all brands wishing to do so to make use of your computer system and monetize this business area. And it is that on many occasions the franchise, by the volume of growth reach, make your accounts and leaving them rosaries. It is very common that the control of resources and decision-making of the franchises is not optimized or profitable as it should. This is because adequate resources are not used. Now, thanks to the collaboration agreement reached with DATISA we finish with this handicap, explains Mariano Alonso, Socio Director General of the consultant. Series 64 an ERP system that lets you know the time that must be reversed depending on When are going to need or do the calculations to know what financial asset is the most profitable so allows.

An agreement that from Datisa celebrate with satisfaction. Carry the hand of mundoFranquicia consulting a tool tailor-made franchises fills us with pride, says Isabel Ballestero, commercial Director of DATISA. One of the main risks of an ICT automation based only on commercial control and TPV resides in that control of the business is carried out solely based on sales and the costs of provisioning of the centers, forgetting the control of many other areas that impact significantly on the profitability of the businessShe adds. Response to the inconveniences since the implementation of a comprehensive management system that covers all areas is a necessity that afternoon or early manifests itself in any franchise system, consulting and DATISA mundoFranquicia want to put it on easy to all of them.