Internet users need a viable method to locate the sites that contain the information that they need. There are thousands of sites and each day increase more. You could add recent information content, improving the aesthetics of the site and make it easier to navigate. Yet there is no way that someone find something on your site, unless you place links to your site in directories on the web. Be present in directories is rather important to make your web site more accessible on the network. A directory is a source of Internet links that might contain useful information for the user. Directories were fashionable long before search engines appeared.

Now, while you prefer to search engines, directories are still popular. The main advantage of the directories in the network is that they give good rankings in the search engines. Apart from the many parameters that search engines use to rank your site, links to the site are the most relevant. Of course, the more links there, better will be the ranking. The relationship between being present in the rankings of search engines and directories is similar to a plan of referrals. The site with more referrals through links in multiple directories, get a higher position in the ranking. Network of search engines crawler mechanism is effective to locate links to exact keywords related to a topic.

Search engines track the links and pages of the site added to their indexes. Therefore, your site is classified automatically. In the case of a new web site, this might be an easier method to get a place in the list of search engines. Register in search engines may be difficult and/or expensive to start. But, he made known through directories is ideal in such cases. Placing you in directories is an ethical way to do the marketing plan for your web site.