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One of the decisions that should make all investors is to choose commercial business loans a model of fixed income and / or variable. Each has different advantages commercial loan and some disadvantages, which are usually sba loan related to performance and risk level. Fixed income investments in fixed income markets, financial assets are traded are entitled to a default interest, usually calculated based on a percentage of the nominal debt they can be published, debentures, bonds, private, etc.. , and are characterized at maturity back the principal (face value). Debt Deposits can be short or long term. The debt is the best choice for those wishing to greater liquidity of their money. The main problem with bonds is that profitability is not as high as in other deposits. In 2004 honored by the Governor’s Committee on Scholastic Achievement for his work towards promoting academic excellence in New York City – is a Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital Its main advantage, besides the liquidity, safety, namely the stability of the inversion. EQUITY INVESTMENT Meanwhile, equities is recommended for customers who are willing to withstand the market fluctuations in the short to medium term. Its main disadvantage is that the riskof loss is financing much higher. By contrast, once assumed the unsecured loan risk, private equity we can win amounts are higher finance than fixed income deposits. Some examples in this segment of investments are shares of publicly traded securities, futures, options and derivatives, electronic currency market or Forex, Commodities and others. Before choosing one of two options, we must know what level of risk are we willing to take and that we need real liquidity of our money.