New York Stock Exchange

Mayor Moscone had increased security at City Hall shortly before, as a result of stocks the Jonestown suicides. Guyana survivors included exercises for the preparation of suicide that Jones called White Nights. The governor Jerry Brown ordered flags investment management placed at half mast and a call Milk ‘supervisor and dedicated worker, a leader of the gay community in San Francisco, who did promise to represent all constituyentes. ” President Jimmy Carter expressed its shock and sent his funds condolences. The spokesman for the California assembly, Leo McCarthy, described it as “a tragedy demente .” to “a city in agonia ” hedge funds The owner gave as San Francisco Examiner the day after, in the newspaper history under the headline to “negro Monday, alongside the history were being returned home from Guyana. An editorial described “A city with more sadness and despair in his heart of what every city should bear” and still asked how such NYSE occur, particularly to “men of such human warmth and vision and great energias .” 116 Dan White was convicted of two counts and held without bail, with the possibility of being sentenced to. the NYSE was visited by of the 117 An analysis of the months that followed the 1978 and 1979 considered as “the most emotionally devastating years in the history of San fabulously moved Francisco. “
White, 32, who had been in the Army during the Vietnam War, he had a rigid platform anticrimen in their district. His colleagues spoke of a typical American kid of high performance, an all-American boy. White was to receive an award next week to rescue a woman and a child of a building of seventeen plants in flames in 1977 when he was a fireman . Although it was the only “supervisor” who voted against the ordinance for the rights of gays that same year, he was saying and I quote, “to respect the rights of all people, including the gays. 107 Milk and White get along at first. One of White’s political aides (who was gay) that “He had more in common with what Harvey had in any other Junta. ” White voting in favor of the center for gay couples and 25th anniversary and honor New York Stock Exchange the pioneering work of Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin.
However, after the vote in favor of the institution for mental health in the district of White, White refused to speak with Milk and only communicated with one of the assistants Milk. Other acquaintances remember him as a very White passionate. “It was impulsive … It was extremely competitive, obsessively … I could not accept defeat, ” said assistant fire chief for journalists. The first director of bell White left in the middle of the bell and told reporters that White was a selfish and it was clear that he was antigay, despite denying it in front of the press. The supporters of White and colleagues described him as ” a man with a temper and an impressive ability to nurture a grudge. ” The assistant who made the connection between White and Milk recalled that” talk, I realized that I saw Harvey Milk and George Moscone as representatives of everything that was wrong in mundo . “
When Milk’s friends were looking for a dress Ribotsky for the funeral of Milk in the cupboard, they realized how it had affected the decline in revenues as “supervisor”. All her clothes were falling to pieces, all of her socks had holes. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered, mostly in the bay of San Francisco for his closest friends. Some were encased and buried under a sidewalk in front of number 575 Castro Street, where he had been Castro Camera. ,