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Even Bill Gates, as quoted in Fortune magazine in 1996, agrees that without the best people, would not Microsoft. "Take our 20 best people, and tell you that Microsoft would become an unimportant company." Kenexa This is wrong on that. But beware, they are after your information, even if the interview was somehow legitimate, which means they would not use anything you say for their own purposes. There was a moment at the end of the interview after he refused to give up my data Kenexa when the interviewer said, "I do not think I'm getting the answers I'm looking for." Although Bill Gates is considered the human factor is the most important part of any company, Kenexa recruiter (or whatever) did not show interest in me as a person. Everything in the interview focused on my clients and my strategies and was so cold and impersonal, as if I were one of the programs he was being recruited to work.

Could the interview by Kenexa be nothing more than the company testing a new piece of software? Hard to say, but it is quite obvious that to prove any such software, you need humans. What could be better to pick the brain of an independent freelance find the "human factor" under the pretext of a job interview? Except it is not fair, is insidious and should be illegal. For a giant Human Resources to use the experiences of a small company to adjust its software without compensation or prior knowledge is an outrage. If it really was a job interview and is the wave of the future, watch out when you Kenexa contacts? Big Brother is really in charge – 2005 Copyright Galina Arlov For comments or questions about this article or contact Galina Arlov visit is an e-Business Professional with 15 + years of experience working with Fortune 400 companies like Disney, Priceline, ABC and more. She is founder and owner of Valor Cross Media a Creative Web Site Design Services company located in the Upper East Side of New York, where the substance promotes style.

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