Puccini Cultural Center

Viareggio combines the common characteristics of the small marine places such as short distances, accessible services and facilities and a warm and familiar atmosphere with the comforts that one finds in a great urban center. The Riviera of Versilia is, in fact, a special site for several reasons. It is a rich place in culture, cooking tradition, nature and art, and is also famous by his nighttime activities and opportunities for the purchases. Viareggio is one of the most famous and traditional spas of the Tuscan, with infinite beaches delineated by mountains, excellent kitchen and an exciting nocturnal life that an enviable paradise for students of all the ages does of her, all the year. And the Puccini Center School of Italian Language for Foreigners in Viareggio – aid to make of her a still more cosy place. In center Puccini, aside from a great variety of Courses of Italian Language designed to take care of the needs of the most demanding students Courses Standard of Italian Language, Intensive Courses of Language Italian, Deprived Lessons, Professional Courses of Long Term, Courses, Courses for Professors of Italian Language, and much more there are luminous amount of services and facilities like and aerated classrooms equipped yet type of comforts, complete connection of Internet, a terrace outdoors, gazebo and small gardens where the students can meet it enters disabled classes, facilities for and any class of lodging (apartments, hotels, residences and campings).

In addition, the Cultural Center Puccini is located just in center of Viareggio, near the sea, that is few minutes on foot. In Versilia the climate is usually smooth, including in winter, and is another reason for which it represents the perfect place to combine learning, relaxation and diversion. The prices and dates of the Courses of Italian Language for 2010 are available in the network. Greater information on the School of Italian Language in Viareggio and Cursos de Italian Lengua for Foreigners in center Puccini is in the site of the school.