Hairstyle Trends

Almost every time or every culture has brought with it its own hair styles. In the 70 years he was the Afro-Look, a long hairstyle, curly hair, by bribing, totally “in”. Even famous football personalities adorned themselves with these trendy styles. A popular hairstyle in 1950 was the Great, became world famous by Elvis Presley. It was here with a short haircut where the hair was combed back from his forehead, and were then fixed with hair gel. Rudi Voeller was a carrier of the Mullet hairstyle, which came in the 80’s very fashionable. This is an acronym from the description: front and short, long behind. An increase of this hair was still “with mustache,” which called itself then Vokuhilamioliba. In the age of the Internet, you can view the current hairstyle trends of the various catwalks in the world. Regardless of whether Paris, Milan or New York, where the hairstyles and looks to be determined. Whether straight or wavy, long or short, whether lavishly styled, or, of course, the requirement that hairstyle in the yearis current and popular, is shaped by fashion designers. But not only the haircuts are crucial, but also the “trappings”. Clothes and accessories make the look just perfect. Especially women look closely at their appearance and still spend some time before the mirror to style the hair to. A hair trend can also with the necessary accessories, such as ribbons, bows or buckles, underlined in earnest. Many designers put forth so the style of their collection. But for men it comes slowly, the trend that the right hairstyle that makes the man.