One can develop our own initiatives and projects.-personal satisfaction, social prestige and recognition professional.-you can work from home with your computer thanks to internet-investment is minimal, a lot more low in any traditional business-have presence, and your own business on the internet without the need for prior knowledge.-flexible schedules Nobody inpone you a schedule, no sign, no one controls you, there are no pressures.-in your business your you are the boss, and you can create your own network of business.-total Compativilidad with family life.-on the internet there are millions of people as potential customers, therefore the chances of succeeding are soaring.-to have your own website on autopilot working 24 h/7days/365days year, when you sleep, etc.-having people like you working for you, generandote residual income every month of by life.-grow your business to make them work for it and you provide more benefits with the step time.-to have thousands of people affiliated to your network, growing esponencialmente, and thereby income increase every month that passes.-belong to a franchise seated in the market, reliable, that you pay every month religiously. DISADVANTAGES – There is a risk however small that is if the project fails.-economic sit sometimes in solitude and not know which road to take, unless a you to some group that this running-in this case the franchises can be an excellent alternative.(or network marketing on the internet) – having to perform all kinds of activities of management, advertising, web design, learning, training, new personal relationships, etc.-not knowing how to manage you time of work-work more hours than it should, now that you are at home, therefore not know when stop. IN SHORT. Logically we must work, that is, not by being at home and having your own business will do only the work; and it is going to rain from the sky money; at least at the beginning until you grow enough as to not require your direct help. Then you can relax and you can enjoy what you’ve always wanted to do, since the business will be working for you on autopilot. And your business, once established, will be growing day to day, and thus your revenues, and thus be able to give you more than one whim. All beginnings are hard and difficult that doubt it fits, but if you have interest, perseverance, dedication and perseverance, no doubt the results will not take enllegar and with them rewarded it the effort as usual should be done in all enprendimiento at the beginning.

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