Isabel Vazquez

The singer has denied on her Twitter be father of a Cadiz 21 years young woman who has filed a paternity lawsuit against him. Alejandro Sanz will be a child’s father this month. Alejandro Sanz wanted to exit the passage of rumors about his alleged paternity of a secret daughter. The singer has used his profile on the social network Twitter to say, blunt, their children are those who are, in other words, the two acknowledged and baby waiting for this month and which is the result of his relationship with Raquel Perera. You may not believe the nonsense that they say. My children are my Manuela, my Alexander and now my Dylan () and end point to something else, has written. Approximately a week ago, the magazine soon collected the news of one of Cadiz’s 21 years had come to the courts for filing a paternity against the artist, who asserted that it was his father.

The young woman, Isabel Vazquez, is the daughter of Charo Berea, a woman with whom the singer would have allegedly had a relationship two decades ago, of be certain the version of Vazquez. According to the publication, the alleged secret daughter of Sanz wanted to be a singer. Alejandro Sanz currently has two children: Manuela, for almost 10 years, daughter of Jaydy Mitchel, and Alexander, 8, whose existence was not known by the media until the child was 3 years old and that was born of a relationship with an unknown woman. Source of the news: Alejandro Sanz denies that he is the father of a secret daughter