Boom Business

Each time is more the number of people who venture into social networks, most without a purpose and much less a strategy to get the most out of. Because this is very easy to say: I use or have used social networks to promote my business but I have not had good results. On the other hand listening to others: the Boom of today to promote your business on the internet is web 2.0, or social networks. You think that it makes the difference in the way people think of each other? As I mentioned at the beginning, the key is in the strategy that each is using. Of course, some are more effective than others.

While it is true that social networks can be an effective way to promote your business, is a blunder, to be promoted your products daily, sending messages and offerings about them, with the aim of selling at all costs. Social networks things don’t work as well, people do not enter to see who sell him, people enter to establish trust relationships, and these are only generated when shared information quality and non-profit market, i.e. give you to position yourself as someone recognised and expert on the subject. When builds trust and credibility business starts to take off, people start to recommend and is how business relationships are established. The effect of Word of mouth recommendation, is powerful and helps the brand positioning. Website mentions: more than 64% of Internet users said that what gives more confidence to have contact with a brand is the recommendation of friends and more than 67% speaks of brands in these communities. And it is that now more than ever the purchase decisions are not separated from the influence of others. Then, this strategy in positioning your brand through trust and credibility, formed business relationships and because not personal, that may be fruitful for both parties. Do you what do you think? Greetings, wishing you the greatest success Luis Villegas Director of Villetez.

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