Kinderhaus Kids

The Youth Centre “Kids & FIPS” opened the first premises in July 2011. The animals that are best friends of children is well known. This is now scientifically proven, animals especially dogs and horses also have a therapeutic effect, fortunately now also have. “Regular contact with dogs boosts self-esteem in the children, promotes the social skills and motor skills and allows even the one or other Zappelphillip ‘ come to rest. Exactly on this realization, that builds Kinderhaus kids & FIPS”on.

The kindergarten kids & FIPS”refers to the first premises in 23847 Lasbek to July of this year. There, courses for children and young people aged 10 and over with/without private dog take place. Range from basic courses (care, safe handling of a dog, like what does a dog), doc dancing, clickers for kids up to the kids of dog license and Agidoc DanC. It is important the founders of the children’s home, children move back. Movement is the key to the self confidence and learning. The children wither away without movement. Therefore, many leisure courses with lots of fun to are offered so that children can have fun on the move again. Also the safe use of dogs is conveyed in the hope that so one or the other incident, there unfortunately continually avoids.

In November 2011 the last premises will be completed and the Youth Centre makes his name of all honor. It is there offered a flexible and individual childcare for children from 0 to 6 years. The House offers plenty of space for the play, play, learn, relax and feel comfortable. We are surrounded by free fields in the middle of the Greens, and meadows and the children can take their first steps in undisturbed, discover the world, jump over small streams, and knock yourself out. The children are always accompanied by a trained therapy and visit dog and can wish you a good morning morning the bunnies, sheep, frogs & co.. The Youth Centre provides individual get and install times, a flexible care time, plenty of exercise in the fresh air and nature pure without road, as well as a place where children and parents feel comfortable, you can laugh and relax. Corinna Wietelmann