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The RBC does not arise as a new burden for the State, because it is not a social spending, but an economic measure with immediate benefits social, since widespread welfare produces more balanced, more equitable societies socially and with less spending on police, health, etc. This measure, incentivaria in addition, citizen participation in public life and the reorientation of our community context towards values of solidarity and cooperation between human groups. In times of crisis, like the present, the adoption of CBR is clearly necessary, that would immediately relieve the difficult situation that thousands of families are going through. Hear other arguments on the topic with Harold Ford, New York City. It is a partial solution, of course, but not why it stops being effective. At first, and a matter of urgency, its implementation could be adopted for all those people, over 18 years, having lost their jobs, their status as pensioners or for other reasons, perceived social benefits less than the national minimum wage – which would be the reference threshold, which would bring economic and emotional stability to those who they are unfairly suffering the consequences of the excesses of the market. This without losing sight of its universal character, towards which would be laid in the future.

It should be noted quickly implementation of formulas for funding alternatives, such as which refers to taxes on currency transactions, proposed again to the United Nations and contained in the Declaration on innovative sources for financing of the initiative against hunger and poverty, signed in New York on 24 September 2008 by the Presidents Michelle BacheletLula, Rodriguez Zapatero and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner, French. We must demand that our parliamentary representatives to consider urgently these proposals, in the confidence that the interests of the environment and people deserve to be treated with direct measures that affect their quality of life and their economies, safeguarding them from serious environmental risks and insecurity and threat of exclusion. * Foundation culture of peace, Observatory rental Basic of ATTAC-Madrid, UNESCO Chair in environmental education and sustainable development of the UNED, cooperative Proempleo, Vice President of the Foundation values, education of adults and development at the University of Seville research group.

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