Corporate Sales

Make a list of your employees by name and position and rank them according to three standards, the type of qualification will depend on you, either points, stars, but I recommend the most simple: good, fair and poor, for example waiter Pedro Monday January 1st regular-time work or job job accurately positive and friendly way you can add other issues, such as punctuality, uniform, etc, put it where all employees preferred to see it or else give their ratings every week, also put a bulletin board and messages and a tray or box where you put a papers or correspondence you send him, each of the heads must be one that our customers buy more in this section of your notebook, write all the crazy ideas that occur to you, so your customers will buy more, here a list of some strategies that work: a Do customer surveys asking, they like our business, they do not like the business and wish that we succeed.

Designing magnets with our logo or name, phone (This should be bigger) and address and give them any purchase. Create a promotion in which more than a certain amount of money less than the normal price or more product take a different and disseminate results through posters in the room and through staff. For example, in the purchase of a chicken but a weight you get a drink in a can a Create packages, personal, couples, family a To give a volume discount, for example, in the purchase of 3 chickens, 10% discount or a free 2-liter soft drink that our customers buy more often Write down all the ideas to do this, for example: a Make a card that can put 3 stamps or signatures, in the third signature is carried a free product a Give them a coupon to have it changed during the month, which can be for 10% discount or free product in the purchase of another a Increase promotional items Give the number of clients.

This is the hardest part but they can be, invent promotions, do different things, not because things are made, means no attempt to do everything, here are other examples: a Carry out surveys asking what they like within their competence, they do not like, how often they go, etc, etc. Go a children a Make agreements with companies in different topics: Discounts Corporate Sales employees (ie price and special attention in their parties and meetings) Place advertisements in these companies a Design and daily leafleting and areas or colonies a Celebrate important days January 6, 1914 February, children’s day, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day promotions a Click a monthly Advertise With these simple steps you can kfc compete, the most important thing is to write it, read it aloud, put it everywhere in the office, shouting his mission and vision every day with employees and visualize your business very successful and bring it to life. Admire, imitate, than, Mr. Pedro Horcacitas.