Mexicans who want to increase their chances of economic success and supporting the permanent creation of new jobs, found in franchises a chance to start a new business with the support and experience of a franchisor company, in the previous months, generated a program that supports the generation of new franchises in Mexico, purpose that facilitates the possibility that entrepreneurs who seek to have their own businessesacquiring one through the franchise model, through a transfer of model slope. In this way, it exists in the market the option of 130 companies accredited franchisors that have their matrix in twenty-one States of the Republic. This plan, known as PNF continues to work with a number of aspects that underlie the streamlining of the acquisition of franchises in Mexico, among which are listed: the generation of new franchises; the expansion of resources earmarked for payment to law firms specialised in advisory services for the development of new franchises; the obtaining of resources earmarked for the initial investment that performs the entrepreneur to acquire a franchise model, this is also known in the media as the canon of the franchise; and finally, to provide support intended for the payment of consultancy to update models of franchises that need to improve communication, support, training and assistance to its network of franchisees, as well as to adapt their system of marketing and legal framework according to the current demands of the sector. The franchise model has proved so effective, that the Ministry of economy has decided to promote this type of business based on model in which both franchisors and franchisees gain large benefits. That entrepreneurs ask the franchisor to register at the Ministry of economy to be able to use the benefits of this funding is recommended within this program. Among the requirements established to the franchises to be on the list of the Ministry of economy, are having three years of experience and two units franchised or have two years of experience and three franchises, among other requirements that are basically documentation..