New Dirndls Calendar

Natalie Langer and Miro Nemec refine the Dirndl calendar 2012 Munich, 18.07.2011 – Dirndl and man always fits! Why? “Quite simply: the Dirndl the same calendar may refer not only to a traditional piece of clothing, but first and foremost for beautiful woman”; hold a clean Dirndl”, likes to tell how the Bayer. And heavy rock music TV Commissioners’ such as Miro Nemec seem to have for most of the time the right nose. His photo fee is the Bavarian Croat”, incidentally, to the star hours e. V. end of the year donate. A German quality product, the Dirndl calendar 2012: The idea came up with the company winning goal from Munich, the photographer Altrofoto from Regensburg, the cool costumes of silk & pearls from Wolnzach and design or printing took place about MDV pressure in Furth in Landshut. The more than dashing Dirndl-Madl, up on Natalie Langer, all come from Bavaria.

The native Saxon Crown for good reason this issue: had the later King Ludwig I not Therese of Saxony in the years 1810 married, there would be no Oktoberfest, and hence probably no such traditional cult. The dirndl calendar (short DiKa) is also in the 2012 Edition-known women again with a slightly ironic wink subjects”of film and art awesome falsified in scene. “So mutate as the Easy Rider” Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper to two tough girls with rocking PG bikes and Alfred Hitchcock’s famous thriller psycho “celebrates unfrohliche spring in Wolnzach. But Charlie’s Angels”suddenly find himself in the Dirndl Dress on a former farm in the idyllic Grafenricht in Wackersdorf. The DiKa boasts not only its appearance, but also feel (high quality 180 g paper) and format (70 cm high and 30 cm wide) can be more than.

Purchase inter alia can this premium product in the online shop of. Press contact: TRIUMPHANT ideas & strategies GmbH Weiglstrasse 14 Neuhausen-Nymphenburg 80636 Munich Tel.: 007 38 fax: 008 78 management Natalie Langer: SILVA IMKEN PROMOTION A division of AD IN marketing consulting GmbH Bluthgenstrasse 1 D-10709 Berlin phone: + 49 (30) 80495145 fax: + 49 (30) 80495143 about triumphant: the TRIUMPHANT founded on 02.01.2008, ideas & strategies GmbH (SGT) is a national and international consulting firm with a focus on marketing, public relations, image formation and training. The SGT develop target-oriented ideas for their clients and develop viable strategies for the sustainable success of the company. The client base is diverse and complex: includes industrial, trade, industry, services, art and culture. Also, the SGT has a pool of renowned external speakers, consultants and trainers. About Silva Imken promotion: SILVA IMKEN PROMOTION is a management and promotion agency headquartered in Berlin. In this function, the Agency shall include the management for the presenter Natalie Langer.