Flowers In The Garden

Children – flowers of life, but it is better to admire them in someone else's garden. Unknown thinker Public interest in the childfree – voluntary childless – is higher every year. For example, Russia has been simmering between the information war childfree and supporters of the birth of children, conducted mainly in the spaces you'll ever need – in blogs and forums. The phenomenon of voluntary childlessness has long interested me, but there was no case study in detail the beliefs, and themselves adherents of this increasingly popular ideology. So the other day I caught the eye of a question posed one of the participants childfree forum.

The question was: 'What would you prefer – or have a child die? " Responses were varied: from simply 'to die rather than maim my life', to 'give birth and sell the organs', or' bear and throw it. " I think that comment is superfluous. Briefly describe the portrait of the Russian-speaking childfree, which I was able to make viewing the dozens of individual pages of Forum childfree. As it turned out, active position of freedom from the children occupied mainly by women. Few men and they are less active. So, we have a woman aged 20 to 30 years, with higher education and diverse interests, which states that does not feel the need for child birth. The main reasons – reluctance to interrupt his career, to give up leisure and personal growth, the fear that pregnancy and birth irreversibly affect the exterior, the relationship with a partner and so on.