Marcus Matthias Keupp Zurich Department Store Art Exhibition

public opening reception on March 10, 2010 from 18 clock Zurich, February 22, 2009 – from 10 March to 10 May 2010 the artist Marcus Matthias Keupp will show a large exhibition of abstract works from the years 2009 and 2010 in the art Department of Zurich (Gallery Madushani) ( The artist in turn is anchored in the concrete art. His paintings reflect the dialogue of second fundamental forces: the playing and dancing Dionysus opposed to constructivist grading Apollo. Their dialogue creates rhythm and movement and plays ironically with the dogmatic theology of concrete art. For him, however, everything in movement, in a move that some work is a soghafte effect gives. This gives this create his openness to ever new and surprising picture inventions.

and maybe the images owe much of their power and their nature of the fact that they are created while with the technical possibilities of our century in them but also a great tradition resonates. “, commented Dr. Martin Kraft, Art critic in Zurich. Keupp among others attended the New York School of Visual Arts, where early was fascinated by the severely reduced style of artists like Ellsworth Kelly and Donald Judd. He has developed over two years a production technique that is unique in the world.

I never wanted to work with traditional techniques. Instead, I use UV inks on aluminum plates, which are applied in a complex production process with the help of machines and robots. A never-before-seen brilliance and sharpness can be achieved”explains Keupp. More information about the artist Marcus Matthias Keupp are accessible on the Internet at. Marcus Matthias Keupp