Councilman Jorge Abello

This Marisel Conejeros and Pedro Duran, which is said it were clearer guidelines that gave people who requesting the information, which was not more than a coarse lie and what was said at meetings never be respected, which when asked Councilman Jorge Abello, after having been evaluated all the projects if had respected what was said at meetingHe replied that nothing had been respected and Councilman Andres Chavarria wanted by all means defend the indefensible is based. What passed to carry and cheated we feel with the Lords of this company, but above all, and what a shame da say so, with our Councillors, who are not able to say that they got it wrong. They are not for these things, are to ensure that the people of the commune and the most humble and that only remember them when you should go to ask them the vote in times of elections and not be answered by the crumbs that fall from the table of HidroAysen noted in one of the paragraphs. Finally, in the letter is expressed that if the Councillors want to fight for the people, they should unite to fight for projects that benefit the entire community and long-term, not like today, that we are satisfied with that you give us 30 to 60 million pesos for a few miserable projects and trainings, which benefits some and not to the communitythat must be our goal. Personal testimony directly consulted Valeska Alarcon, one of the affected, said that I think that Lords councilors who got into this problem, because it is already a problem, would have to say you left out for this reason or another. Tell the why, because although the company HidroAysen is giving to the vast majority a letter, don’t say this mostly why you stay outside.

He added that here looked very little people that remained. Although we are not us going against people selected on projects because they don’t have no guilt. There are people who have to recognize that they have resources, they alone can solve their projects, arrange their things and make their businesses thrown afloat, not people who are just starting. Finally, he said that our authorities are not for that, are for other things, to protect citizens, to clarify doubts to citizenship, and not to create conflicts. I believe that this is the clear point that there are within this Charter, which provided for things for which they are not. Private companies manage their problems alone, solve their problems alone.