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Association of English uk, which represents English language school, said that the tightening in February 2010, the rules of issuing student visas to foreigners has caused huge losses for the English language schools are estimated millions of pounds, and the loss of thousands of jobs for teachers. Changes in the rules for issuing visas, entered the last Labour Government, blocked the possibility of entry to uk students only beginners to learn English as an applicant for a visa had to have a language certificate level not lower than B1 on the European scale cefr. Fosket judge handling a case is decided, that new rules were adopted Government without debate in the British Parliament and were a reaction to concerns about illegal immigration to the uk under the guise of studying English. As a result, the decision of British court foreign students who enter the uk on student visas pbs, sufficient to have a language certificate in English, even entry-level A1. However, the very need to obtain visas to pass a English and get a certificate remained. Site uk Border Agency (UK Border Agency), we can use the service Self assessment calculator – calculator self-esteem, to find out what British certificates Examination Board approved for a visa. Among the popular international exams in Russia can be seen iesol City & Guilds, Pearson Language Tests, esol Trinity College London, University of Cambridge esol and some others. Not all are listed in the table tests are International – many of them purely British.

Note that certificates of ielts and toefl in the tables of this service are not available. The official representative of City & Guilds in Russia, Mr. Andrew Bailey has repeatedly noted that Russian students Centres City & Guilds study English in England only in the English summer schools accredited by the British Council and City & Guilds, the organization of their studies and rest under the control of City & Guilds. The credibility of the oldest in the world of British Examinations Council, operating under the patronage of the royal family and the world, and in the uk is very high. It is noteworthy that in this year 2010, and earlier, Britain has not refused to grant a student visa or one student or teacher of Russian centers of City & Guilds.