City Portrait

What makes the city of Dusseldorf, just for young people so appealing? City Portrait of the city of Dusseldorf Dusseldorf is considered one of the most important economic, cultural, and transport centres in the Federal Republic. Here many, large companies have settled. The city belongs to the most important advertising and fashion sites. Many banks and also a stock exchange are located here. The city of Dusseldorf is very easy to reach via their airport. The city has 2 inland ports and four universities.

The famous art Academy and the Heinrich-Heine-University is located here. Dusseldorf because his King’s road is known all over Germany. It belongs to one of the most beautiful shopping streets. The old town attracts many tourists. However, the Carnival in Dusseldorf is particularly popular. Many museums and galleries are an additional attraction. -Studying in Dusseldorf for opportunities to study is very well taken care of in Dusseldorf.

A total of 4 universities and an Academy of Arts offer a wide range of study opportunities. Here You can find the University of applied sciences Dusseldorf, where you can study including architecture, electrical engineering, finance, media technology, education and social work. There is also the AMD. The Academy of fashion & design. In the economic field are FOM the University of applied sciences for Economics & management. The Heinrich-Heine-University offers many ways of study. There are also exotic animals such as Jiddischhe culture but also medicine. The Academy of Arts in Wetaskiwin is one of the best academies in Germany. Finally, there is still the Robert Shoemaker College, where much in the direction of music study can. -Student life the city of Dusseldorf has of course to offer a whole range of pubs. Poco Loco is there good music here, you meet great people, the drinks are good! Beautiful women have a place here. Together with the ‘Sub’ the best shop in the old town! You can find the shop in the Bolker Strasse. May Tai the best cocktail bar in Dusseldorf and especially ideal to the “hot drink”! Quite apart from the very nice ambience, also the drinks are very good.The restaurant is located in the written in the old town. Coffy the Berlin-style, not mainstream. Above the lounge and down changing concerts is located. There are snacks here and very cool drinks. The crowd is mixed. The restaurant is located in the old town. Dusseldorf is also a fairly extensive range of sports. You can here drive on the Rhine boat, enjoy in the ice rink, there is a high ropes course, a ski & Snowboard Hall is nearby, also Dusseldorf has a racetrack. Here it is then see and be seen. -Apartment search apartment search is not quite that simple in Dusseldorf. The apartments are often quite expensive. Who would like to find an affordable apartment, should find Board of higher education on the black or spend a lot of time in the apartment portals on the Internet. Dusseldorf is just quite popular. -Attractions enjoys a very good reputation the city of Dusseldorf in Culture and art. Much is offered here. In the city there are for example the largest collection of art in North Rhine-Westphalia. The drama theatre and the Kom(m)odchen are available. Quite a few musicians come from Dusseldorf. Text agency EtMa consulting