Valentines Day Love

With LUUPS coupon books makes it twice as much fun with/in Dortmund sought flirt city to fall in love? Luups shows how easy it is in Dortmund. Romantic gastronomies for the candle-light dinner, trendy nightclubs or cool pubs for a casual flirt at the bar of Dortmund has more nests than you think. With Luups, you can enjoy the togetherness there twice, because it costs only half with the coupon book. Valentine’s day, Luups is a very special personal ad: attractive, exciting city looks delectable, but still budget-conscious people for the purpose of common leisure activities with art, culture and culinary. We look forward to Valentine’s day, that people discover the love of the city and of course the love for one another”, says Karsten Brinsa Luups Editor. Granted: with the coupon book it is hard not to see Dortmund through rose-colored glasses: romp where the most attractive leisure activities and costs only half of the regular price. Who his heart Jack or the Beloved also wants to impress with an exclusive taste in music, which is in Luups a special bonus: with a link from the book Luups reader from the Internet may download free a sampler with songs by 13 young bands. In this sense: Good luck on Valentines day! (1.469 characters) Luups Dortmund: 10: love your city: ISBN: 978-3-942029-05-6:: 16,90 euro the other coupon book: for food, drink, leisure and culture all Luups locations of Dortmund under: Luups 2010: the best ARGUMENT, his city to love ++ 40 LIEBLINGSLOCATIONS: restaurants: bars: Cafes: Theatre: cinemas: museums: ++ 2 times enjoy once numbers SO allow is up to 500 EURO saving ++ young art on every second page ++ fresh music SAMPLER for DOWNLOAD as 21 x Luups: Augsburg: Berlin: Bochum: Bremen: Dortmund: Dusseldorf: food: Frankfurt: Hamburg: Hanover new! : Kassel: Cologne: Krefeld: Leipzig: Mainz: Mallorca new! : Munich: Munster: Stuttgart: Wurzburg: Vienna.

Our Luups philosophy: “L…ass…U…NS…U…Seren…P… ersonlichen…Fun. This is the message which is hiding behind our name. And we cause to not take us, which our readers and readers should not take. 2010, we have done our post with the books, so that you can positively look forward. We have made for more content, he has high-quality, much more can be experienced with the vouchers, the price is remained the same. “And if we succeed in this year to put a smile on the face and more people through our work, we have completely achieved our goal.” (Karsten Bansal, Luups inventor and maker)