Historically Unique Memorial Coins

Karlsruhe has launched last week with the first stamping of a significant far beyond the city limits, Silver collection officially towards the big city anniversary 2015 Karlsruhe on the way to the anniversary (pdn) on the point exactly to the city birthday, which is celebrated on June 17. The motif of the opening style shows the founder of Margrave Karl Wilhelm of Baden-Durlach, as well as the famous castle with the ground plan of the city. The city had invited to an official ceremony in the Government Mint in Karlsruhe. Thus the celebration was the place of production of the Memorial coins at the same time. In the presence of representatives of the city and other invited guests gave the head of the State mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Dr. Peter Huber, the first stamping of the Memorial collection at the Karlsruhe Mayor Margret Mergen, who was visibly pleased: here, where the euros and coins are marked with the letter G, is the place to the public kick-off for our To commit time-travel in the year 2015.

“Because this year, Karlsruhe is 300 years old and celebrating the anniversary of the city.” The time travel by the Mayor starts on the first embossed with the founding myth of Karlsruhe. According to the legend, the town’s name could be closely associated with their creation. So is told that of Baden Margrave Karl Wilhelm while he rested under a tree, dreamed up the perfect city: arranged like a fan, in whose centre is a magnificent Castle, emanating from all roads like the rays of the Sun. His dream town”founded on 17 June 1715 with the laying of the foundation stone of the Karlsruhe Castle, radially 32 streets lead to the Karl-Wilhelm. Also the ingenious floor plan with the Castle as the Center is depicted on the first minting of commemorative series. This imprinting”, emphasizes Mayor Margret Mergen, is the starting point of a series of silver commemorative coins, which appear all in mirror gloss quality.